What can I compost?

Basic composting is super easy! Your compost heap needs four things: Browns, greens, air and water.

  • Browns: Dry materials, like wood chips, dried leaves, grass and other plants. Anything crunchy and dry.
  • Greens: Fresh moist materials like grass cuttings and food scraps. If you are putting in food scraps, make sure you cover them up with other greens or browns so your pile doesn’t become a buffet for the local wildlife. Also avoid greasy foods, like meat or cheese, which will start to stink pretty fast.
  • Air: Turning the compost pile helps aerobic microorganisms break down organic matter faster. Turning basically means emptying it out into a new pile, where what was once on top, is now on the bottom, and what was on the bottom is now on the top. The more often you turn your pile, the faster your old stuff will become your new compost. Compost will happen even if you never touch your pile. Turning it just makes it go faster. I try to turn my pile about once a week.
  • Water: Keeping your pile as moist as a wrung out sponge keeps things moving along. I sprinkle mine with a hose a couple of times a week, mostly around the edges where it tends to dry out. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, you may not need to water your pile very often.

See how easy this is? Kind of makes you want to start composting, huh?

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