Sundays in My City

The new Alviso Adobe Community Park recently opened.  The park interprets three distinct periods in history.

Alviso Adobe Park
 Bedrock Mortar Alviso Adove

A bedrock mortar, used by the local Ohlone Indians to grind acorns.  It dates back to 3,000 BC.

alviso adobe
Alviso Adobe 

The recently restored Alviso adobe.  Built in 1854 by Francisco Alviso for his wife and ten children, the adobe was the center of a 300-acre ranch.

 Meadowlark Dairy Buildings

The property was sold in 1919 and became the Meadowlark Dairy, the first certified dairy in California.

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12 thoughts on “Sundays in My City

  1. A NEW park!?!?!?! I lose that. I say the more parks the better! And this one looks lovely. Thanks for the history and thanks for the great photos!

    Your city is lovely!

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