Pretty Organized Pantry

What's in the pantry?

Did you think I meant that my pantry is pretty organized?  Or that it’s pretty and organized?  You’d be right either way!  I spent some time over the holidays cleaning out cupboards and organizing my pantry.  I discovered a couple of ancient food items lost in the way back.   Can you say “science experiment”? 

Part of the problem was that the shelves weren’t labeled.   At one point, I had stuck labeled Post-it notes to the shelves, but they had long since floated off and stuck to something else. So while I know where everything goes, TheHub and kids usually just stuck stuff on whatever shelf was closest.     Not anymore.   I present, for your viewing enjoyment, my newly labeled pantry shelves:
 labeled pantry shelves
TheHub surprised me by ordering and installing these metal label holders.  My  daughter, M&M made up the labels.   I smile every time I open up the doors when I see her cute 10 year old handwriting.  🙂

baking label Snack label
Bread Label Canned Goods 

TheHub also installed a write-erase board  inside one of the doors.   It’s great for jotting down an item when you run out.  Or just for doodling on!

Memo Board
Let’s hear it for pretty organization!

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