Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Back to my bathroom makeover…I had planned to reuse our standard plain mirror and just trim it out with some interesting molding to make up for its lack of frame.  However, I came across the perfect mirror.  It was marked $39.99, but I got it for $34 because the backing paper was ripped.  It never hurts to ask for a discount!  Perfect size, already framed, beveled edge.  The only problem was its color.  Along with a brushed nickel band that I liked, it had a funky, bronzy, rusty edge that just didn’t impress me much.

Bathroom Mirror Makeover
My friend, spray paint, came out to play.  I covered up the objectionable color with a nice sleek black. 

Bathroom Mirror Paint Makeover
Definitely looks better.  The black plays off my recently redone black vanity and the brushed nickel finish goes with my light fixture and faucet too.

Painted Bathroom Mirror
I’m almost done.  I’ll be revealing the bathroom makeover in its entirety next week!  Until then, here’s the mirror again.

Finished Bathroom Mirror 

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16 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. super job! i have never been a fan of those generic flat mirrors in the bathroom. you know the ones that don't have a frame. they are so boring. love this idea. and of course, the black is fabulous.

    i'll be linking up my pillows with your next party. thanks for your kind words.
    have a restful & blessed sunday!

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