Bathroom Vignette

When I redid our hall bathroom a few months ago, I added this old medicine cabinet.  The top is a perfect place to display things.  I don’t have to worry about them getting knocked over by my kids.
bathroom remodel  
I put together an unrelated group of objects, just because I liked them.  🙂

my bathroom vignette 
An old sake bottle, because I liked the color.

Old Sake Bottle 
A couple of old bookends that I found in a box of my Grandma Mae’s things.  They’re holding up books that belonged to both my father and my father in law.

Old Books and Bookends
I love this water color my Mom brought me back from a trip to Florence.

Florence Watercolor
Finally, some dried hydrangeas from my yard, placed in a bargain vase I found at a discount store.

And there you have it:  my first vignette!  

bathroom vignette

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4 thoughts on “Bathroom Vignette

  1. your bookends are so special..i love them. the balance of your vignette is very appealing & the collection of interesting all looks great!

  2. Your first vignette? I feel so honored! I just wrote on another blogger's post that I love vignettes that hold sentimental meaning. Love that you've used a bunch of items that mean something to you and displayed them in a beautiful way! That is what it is all about. Thanks for linking up!

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