Pass Me that Ball of Plarn

Balls of Plarn Wondering what to do with all those plastic shopping bags?  Make Plarn!  Making plastic bag yarn is a great way to recycle those plastic bags.   Making plarn is super easy:  just cut your bags into strips, connect them and wind the whole thing up into a ball.

Here’s a link to an tutorial on how to make plarn.   I’m making plarn that’s separated into a couple of different colors, just because I’m like that.  Once your plarn is made, you can knit it or crochet it into whatever you like.  I’m giving a tote bag a try.  My kids and husband think I’ve fallen off the deep end, but I’m actually having fun with this.   Try googling “plarn pattern” to find lots of great ideas.
Plarn totebag knitting
Have you created anything lately from recycled materials?

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6 thoughts on “Pass Me that Ball of Plarn

  1. I have tried crochet with plastic bags but my projects never came out looking as good as many others that I have seen. Look forward to seeing your tote bag!

  2. Stopping by from Frugal Friday Link Party. This is such an awesome idea… and the name alone is spectacular. Cant wait to see the result of your tote bag!! I will be following to find out if it was easy enough for me to try 🙂

  3. what a great idea except i haven't bought a plastic bag home in almost 2 years! i drag my tacky bags wherever i go. but good idea esp. for those people that have a collection of the bags under their kitchen sink!

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