Master Bedroom Wall – Take Two

Master Bedroom Plate Wall
Do you remember back in September when I created my Master Bedroom Plate Wall?   I really did love it.
Plate Wall Until this happened.  In the middle of the night.  When I was fast asleep. And the largest, heaviest plate landed on my head.
Plate Wall HangerWhen I took the plates down, a number of them looked like they were ready to fall off too.  I’m not sure what happened since I carefully followed the directions.  Being unwilling to suffer any more middle of the night bumps on the head, I started looking for another solution.
51029uqQZEL._AA400_[1] I found these lovely, faux silk window panels at Target.
101102_0730 I mounted a cheap curtain rod close to the ceiling.  Then I simply hung the panels up. 
Headboard Wall Pahels They look soft and pretty.
101102_0737 101102_0749 And the best part?  I won’t have to worry about getting bumped on the head in the middle of the night!  My plates will be happy hanging somewhere else in my bedroom. 
What do you have hanging over your bed?

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17 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Wall – Take Two

  1. Wow, glad you are Ok! I have thought about the possibility of things falling on my head in the middle of the night. I always ask my husband to help me hang things over the bed extra securely. But, you never know. Your curtain looks great!

  2. I like both ideas. Beautiful, but you're correct, the curtains are safer! Love the color you chose for the curtain. Very soothing. 🙂

  3. Ouch! That would make me want to move them too! I love the look of the curtains though! We have a headboard that I refinished that needs raised behind our bed. We have one to many mattresses and it now looks dinky, lol. But beside it there is a lovely quilt hanger up high on the ceiling that holds a quilt that I simply love.

  4. Oh no! You poor thing! I have some plates that I want to put above our bed but now i'm worried that they'll fall. I love the way you place the curtain too.:)

  5. I love the curtains…they look beautiful there. I have a large framed print above my bed and I am going right now to check it and make sure it is secure!

  6. These are so pretty! I may have to steal your idea. I have nothing hanging over my bed right now because I've been too lazy to try reframing the picture I got in August. Every weekend I take it out and think I'll do it. There's still this weekend!!

  7. Ouch! I'm so sorry! That's not a fun way to wake up! Did you move the plates into another room? I hope so, they are beautiful! I was going to do a plate theme over my bed, but I think you've convinced me not to! I love the curtains, what a great solution!
    I hope you can link up to my link party going on now!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I cringed when I saw the hangers you used. Although I've never seen those before, I would never trust anything to put up plates by those wire hangers and real nails (not the tiny ones that come with the hanger.)

    You're very lucky you didn't get more injured! A while back, I had my father put a huge picture over my bed. He didn't tell me at the time that he knew the anchor screw thing broke but he was too lazy to change it. Then one night about 7pm, my puppy and I laid on the bed and got up. An hour later, we were across the room when I heard a weird noise. When I turned around, I witnessed this huge picture fall down.

    Thankfully, it fell when I wasn't on the bed. I'm grateful it fell straight down because it would have wrecked the bed any other way. It took months to pick up all the shattered glass, but I have been working to repair the damage done to the print and frame.

    I like what you've done. Love the color of the curtains and it looks like you have the peace of mind of knowing you can sleep in peace!

  9. LOVE this! The curtains are beautiful and they really add so much to your room. You know whenever I hang something over the bed, I always think about it falling. Right now I have a fairly light canvas hanging over my bed. Hopefully we don't get knocked out during the night. 😉

    You did an amazing job!

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