Using Looking Glass and Stained Glass Paint

looking glass mirror like paint One more holiday project before I pack my decorations away!
Krylon giveawayMy friends at Krylon sent me a selection of paints to try.  They were perfect for this project.  Come back on Friday for a chance to win a 6-pack of Krylon paints so you can try this project out yourself! decorate a hurricaneI cut out some tree shapes and using Easy Tack Adhesive, stuck them to the inside of my dollar store hurricane.  Then, using the Looking Glass Mirror Finish Paint, I sprayed several very thin coats on the inside of the vase.  If you spray too much at once, it just pools at the bottom and takes a long time to dry, so keep the coats really thin.  Mirror and Stained Glass PaintWhen dry, I peeled off the trees and sprayed the inside with the Stained Glass paint.
stained glass paintIt’s pretty at night with a candle inside, or during the day with the sun coming in through the glass.
Make sure to stop by on Friday for a chance to win your own 6-pack of Krylon paint!
How long do you keep your holiday decorations up?

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  1. I LOVE this Carolyn! Funny I was just eyeballing this stained glass paint at WalMart and wondering what I could make with it. This is brilliant, I'll be featuring on Craft Gossip : )

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