Major Craft Fail

110125_1713Did you ever have a project that made you want to hang up your creative hat and hide under the covers?  110122_1715It all started with this large, heavy weight tray I found at a thrift store.  It was exactly perfect to place on the ottoman in my living room.  While I liked sort of liked the kitschy design, I thought I’d spruce it up a bit using some paint and my new Silhouette machine.110125_1711 Isn’t this design gorgeous?  It would look just perfect painted in black on my freshly painted tray.    I thought it would be simple to cut it in vinyl and use it to stencil the design on my tray.  WRONG!  That machine was so darn frustrating.  While I followed the settings that came with the vinyl, the machine kept pulling off little pieces of the cut vinyl and getting all stuck up.   Three tries later, I finally had my vinyl stencil cut.   But only after having to pick the tiny adhesive backed pieces out of the inside of the machine.    Grrrr….I wonder if it’s too late to get my money back?110125_1710 Happy to have the cutting part out of the way, I painted the edges of the tray and the stenciled area with black gloss enamel paint.    I chose to ignore the fact that this paint was made for wood, glass and glazed ceramics.   Why wouldn’t it work on a painted metal tray? 
The moral of the story:  Follow the directions! 

The paint is totally peeling off.  I’m not sure that the whole thing can be salvaged now.  I’m going to have to scrape or sand all of the paint off since I know that it’s just a matter of time before the black paint on the edges starts coming off in big sheets. 

That kitschy Asian design is looking pretty good to me right about now.
Anyone want to share a craft fail?   Misery loves company you know.

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10 thoughts on “Major Craft Fail

  1. I don't have a craft fail to share, but I had just as big of a Silhouette fail!! I just bought my machine after Christmas, and every single attempt I've made at using vinyl has been a NIGHTMARE!! I even got on their blog seeking help because I was about to throw that machine out the window. I'm still frustrated, but I was encouraged to play with the settings until it worked right, because apparently every machine is different and you can't rely on the stock setting suggestions. 🙁

    Anyway, hope you have more success, and I think you should definitely go for the tray again, it's going to be GORGEOUS when it's finished! 🙂

  2. I was wondering if you have tried the Rustoleum Hammered spray paint? It may spray over the other paint just fine b/c it is made for outdoor metal. Maybe lightly sand the black and then just go at it with the Hammered.

  3. oh boy… i know only too well the frustration of a craft fail!! my most recent one was over the holidays… i got those clear glass ornaments with the idea of making a garland/banner for our front porch that spelled out "merry christmas" on the painted bulbs.

    well, they either didn't dry evenly, and had a circle of thin or thick paint on them, or the painting of the letters went amuck… long story short, i tried and tried to salvage and then just gave up and threw it all out.

    kudos to you for posting the good with the bad 🙂

  4. So sorry! But I have to say I'm glad it happens to other people too 🙂 I also design and cut vinyl, but I use a U.S. Cutter, not a silhouette. It took me a long time to learn the software, but now I love it. The cutter only does one thing, so it is very user friendly and straight forward. When it does cut up pieces of the design, it's usually because my blade is at the wrong depth. Try adjusting the blade of your cutter (if you can), and see if that helps make it a more clean cut.

    Good luck!


  5. Oh yeah, I had a tray fail too! I was painting a wooden tray, and I decided to free hand draw birds on branches, then fill it in with another kind of paint. Somehow I told myself it would look fine and went ahead painted it, hubby came home and said well, the concept was great, but the birds were out of proportion, and one was lopsided. I had to sand it all down, and repaint the tray, then I found a bird on a branch pic I liked and printed it and then blew it up a bunch of times and created a stencil, and traced it, and repainted it. Was it worth it? Yep, I absolutely love the tray, and people comment on it every time they come over. We use the tray to collect all the mail and odds and ends that get left next to the front door. Hope you salvage yours!

  6. What would we ever learn if we didn't have several FAILs under our belt?!? I used to try and jump right back on the horse after a fail, more intending on getting rid of my own guilt for messing it up, and less intending to make something I really liked… NOW, I always put a Fail in Mandatory time out – for at least a week, usually a bit longer. By the time I come back to it, I'm more in the frame of mind to DESIGN, and not to just cover it up.

    You know exactly what you need to do – get the right tools, and make it fabulous!

  7. Yes, I have had some fails, Carolyn! Sometimes I can save them but sometimes I just make it worse and into the garbage it goes. I do what Dawn said above and come back to it after a few days of just leaving it alone. A fresh frame of mind can sometimes lead to a light bulb moment.

  8. I think all crafters have fails -some are just a bit more open about it and share them. I think the little fails make me stop and think more about the bigger projects so I don't fail on a bigger expensive level.

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