Sweet Ruffled Pillow

110305_2075 I just finished this sweet ruffled pillow for my daughter’s bedroom.  
110221_2132 It started when I spotted this aqua zebra fabric at Wal-Mart.  My daughter is CRAZY for anything zebra these days.  It was perfect because her room is painted a beautiful Tiffany box blue.   I bought a half yard and a package of pale mint green blanket binding.
110221_2134I started by marking a circle on my fabric with my super-complicated-calibrated-circle-maker. 
110221_2136 Then, bunching up the binding as I went, I sewed it along the marked circular line.  Before doing this I quickly ran a line of stitching along the edge of the binding so the two sides of the binding wouldn’t slip apart.
110221_2141 Then I repeated the above using a slightly smaller circle.   I sewed on four rows of binding.
110221_2142To get the binding to lay down better, I snipped every few inches with my pinking shears.
110221_2148 For the center, I used fabric glue to make a pretty flower shape.  When the glue was dry, I stitched it onto the pillow. 
110305_2069 I covered up the messy center with a big black button from my Grandma’s button box.
110305_2068 I think it’s super sweet.   And she loves it!
110305_2070 It looks perfect in my daughter’s Tiffany blue, zebra-loving room!
Have you made a pillow lately?

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17 thoughts on “Sweet Ruffled Pillow

  1. I've seen this pillow on a few craft sharing sites and I am in love! This is beautiful. You might even convince this non-sewer to pull out her mom's old machine to give this project a whirl. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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