Easy Tailored Bedskirt Tutorial

Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial
I just whipped up this super easy, super cheap tailored bed skirt. 

Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial 
I was tired of looking at all of this stuff peeking out from under the bed.

Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial
Here’s a close up just in case you didn’t notice all of the crap important stuff shoved under the bed.  This is hubby’s side of the bed, and in his defense, we have really small closets, so lots of things get stored under the bed. 

Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial
I found these window panels at Target on clearance.  They rang up at $1.98 each so I bought three.  They are the perfect, neutral woven fabric.
Here’s how I did it:
 Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial 
I cut the panels lengthwise into two 20” by 63” pieces.  I zig zag stitched along the raw edge since they seemed to be unraveling like crazy.  Then I joined them together along the short edge so I had a piece about 20” wide by 124” long.   
Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial 
Since the long edge was already hemmed, I didn’t have to hem the edge.  
  Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial
I trimmed off both edges so the ends would be nice and straight.   Then I measured the side of my bed, added 1” for each side hem, and 8” for each pleat, and cut my long fabric piece to this length.  I sewed a 1” hem on each side edge.

Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial
This is a really badly drawn diagram of the pleat.  Because the pleat folds back on itself, each 2” pleat adds 8” to the required measurement.  I pressed my pleat and then stitched across the top raw edges to hold it in place.

Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial 
I pinned it directly to my box spring using safety pins.  Couldn’t have been easier.
 Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial
Now everything is hidden away.  So much better!

Easy DIY tailored bedskirt tutorial
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32 thoughts on “Easy Tailored Bedskirt Tutorial

  1. You sure got a deal on those panels. It came out great and the pins were a good idea.

    I posted something similar last fall. I used faux silk panels for a skirt. It matches the windows. Then I used a coordinating panel to make a poufy roman shade for the bathroom.

    Makes for a total look for the two rooms. I'll be posting on the bathroom soon.

    Talk to you soon 😉
    Bunny Jean

  2. Your new bedskirt looks great! You do the same thing I do – pin it to the boxspring. Sure saves me a lot of aggravation! Thanks for showing us how you created it.

    ~ Tracy

  3. This is totally cute, and you did a great job.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me again next week for another great party.

  4. This is perfect timing. I need a Cal. King bedskirt cuz I cant find one I like and they are so expensive. I never thought to use drapes. Ok next project!

  5. I'd love to try your idea of making a tailored bedskirt from drapery panels, but how would you do split corners (my bed has a headboard and footboard.


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